Don’t Feel Stressed About Renewing Your Mortgage!

General Melanie Ward 19 Nov

Instead of worrying about whether mortgage rates have increased or will increase, use this time to review your finances and to strategize. Your first order of business should be to speak with your mortgage broker, whose free professional advice will help you find the lowest rate available. You’re Not Alone… In fact, most Canadian home […]

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Enjoy The Holiday Season, Free of Debt!

General Melanie Ward 21 Dec

The holiday season is upon us! It’s a time for festivities and feasting and family – and financial stress (well, it can be if you’re not careful). This year, as you eat, drink, and make merry, be sure to include a modicum of financial planning so you can start the new year debt free. Be […]

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Should You Sell? Not if you love your home.

General Melanie Ward 11 Nov

Real estate in Canada has been hot over the past six months, with many people looking ahead to potentially unstable times and wondering if they should get out. But the thing is, real estate in Canada never had the same housing bubble the US did in 2008. Things here have been consistently more stable over […]

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How to Read and Understand your Credit Report

General Melanie Ward 2 Sep

Last month we wrote about the impacts of a poor credit score and how to improve it, but how do you even know where to begin? In this blog post I will address how to read and understand your credit report, so you can then address areas of improvement. What Credit Reports Should You Be […]

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The Impacts Of A Poor Credit Score, And How To Improve it.

General Melanie Ward 19 Jul

With lending rates at an all time low, and people running to remortgage or refinance during the pandemic, getting a handle on your credit score has never been more critical. Your credit score is a test you don’t want to fail. A great credit score means you can access cheap money for your home, business […]

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Keep Calm and Carry On in the 2020 Housing Market

General Melanie Ward 15 Jun

Stay Away From Fear Based Market Decisions Until Real Data Has Come In. It’s hard not to panic in these trying times. With the news constantly throwing out alarm bells about a depression, and the economy on pause, it would be easy to give in to the desire to dump your investments, sell your properties, […]

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